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Medicalis Referral Management

Siemens Healthineers delivers an enterprise integrated Referral Management solution, which optimizes the use of IDN resources and personalizes the availability and delivery of care to patients. Empowering you to effectively promote your providers, while complimenting your host EMRs, and connects patients with the most optimal physicians.

For Patients

  • Informed of choice of providers that best fit the patient needs
  • Optimized access to resources
  • Improved patient preparedness

For Health Systems

  • Reduce network leakage
  • Reduce Waste

Key Benefits

For Referring Providers

  • Enhance the quality of referral communication
  • Take work away from providers so they can focus on patients
  • Reduce rework by getting the order right the first time

For Specialists

  • Enhanced indications communication
  • Embedded locally-defined best practice
  • Peer to peer communication

Meaningful Impact

Drive market share and reduce leakage by making your services more visible and available to your referring community. Allow physicians and patients to directly participate in the appointment booking process.

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